Office365 for businesses

Office 365 is a package of programs developed by the Microsoft Company which contains a broad variety of business applications, including word processor programs , electronic sheets, presentation preparation and Email. In addition, the package also includes cloud services, such as storing files and file sharing services.

Office 365 is intended for businesses seeking advanced solutions suitable for a broad variety of field and business goals. The Office 365 programs include solutions adapted for private users, small businesses and larger businesses as well.

Businesses from all over the world use Office 365 cloud solutions, and not only for word processor programs and electronic sheets. Small and large businesses alike utilize such advanced cloud services such as human resource planning, tracking projects, and using data analysis tools to make informed business decisions.

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Accessibility and availability

Office 365 is available everywhere and anytime. All of the data is kept on the cloud and contains the possibility of access from any smart device connected to the internet.

Advanced cloud services

Office 365 offers advanced cloud services such as planning human resources and tracking projects. The use of data analysis tools helps in reaching informed business decisions.

Combining applications

Office 365 enables combining between different applications such as Outlook and Teams and planning meetings, sending documents and sharing files

Frequent updates and improvement

The Office 365 Package is frequently updated and its performances undergo constant improvements. This helps maintain the soundness and up-to-date of the software, and enables you to be certain that the business will always operate at the highest available level.


Office 365 offers powerful security systems such as virus protection

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