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Whether you are programmers, business owners, companies or entrepreneurs –
MakeAPP was established to transform the world of site storage and server management better and safer for you.


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Whether you are programmers, business owners, companies or entrepreneurs – מייק אפ קלאוד קמה כדי להפוך את כל עולם אחסון האתרים וניהול שרתים למקום טוב ובטוח יותר עבורכם.

How do we do this?

We emphasize server safety and transparency versus the client.
This is expressed in high layers of protection versus DDOS attacks that are installed on each of our products,
the quality of the servers and close management of them.
The company servers are stored and managed by us under close supervision, and are present in Israel, so that you can be sure you shall receive a high quality server + supervised management + professional service + support of the Israeli market –could it be any better?

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Web hosting

In order to maintain an internet site on the web so it can be accessed from any location in the world, it needs to be stored on a server of some sort. Each usually includes a combination of files (code files, images and so forth), and a database which includes all the rest of the data of the site. The files and the databases need to be stored on a server that is connected to the web. Should they be present on a computer of any other type, it will not be possible to reach them from the web and observe the information on them.

In order to raise the site online, there is need for a web hosting account at a company specializing in this and maintaining a server farm. There are also companies utilizing resale accounts, which means they purchase a site storage account and use it to host different sites by multiple customers.

Any user who registered to a web hosting service receives his own management panel, through which he can upload files, open up user permissions, connect domains and manage all aspects of the server. The management panel of the server is usually quite simple and it is easy to learn the basic principles of its management.

Types of web hosting servers

There are several types servers that are used to store sites. The servers differ from one another in the operation systems installed on them, as well as in whether they are shared or dedicated. In shared servers all of the resources are divided between several sites of different users.

In contrast, a dedicated server is a server wholly dedicated to a single user and can store on it sites by the same client – who enjoys all of the available resources of the server solely for his own needs.

In addition, there are also virtual servers on the cloud and they are actually advanced programs residing on a physical server. Virtual servers enable all of the advantages of a site storage server, but they do not actually exist in physical reality – they are entirely virtual.

A virtual office in the cloud,
managed and secured

Reduction of costs and optimization of day-to-day work

An advanced cloud computing solution for businesses and users to reduce costs and
optimize operations, while providing software services, control, oversight and full support.