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The work environment has change. The change began long before the COVID-19 pandemic but has accelerated during the pandemic and in its aftermath.
More in more companies have reached the realization that working from a single location is unnecessary, that workers need not be brought into the office to put in a workday since most work today takes place online.

But every company has its particular requirements and to meet these requirements an IT infrastructure and all that it entails is necessary. However there is a new term worth knowing. A term which effectively resolves the issue and the need for IT infrastructure or a database – a cloud-based office.

What is a cloud-based office?

משרד בענן או בשמו השני – שולחן עבודה בענן, כשמו כן הוא.
A could base office, or a virtual desktop is precisely what the name implies. Computers and hardware are no more than means to an end: reaching the software and systems located on the servers of the company provides the cloud-based office services.

Instead of establishing an infrastructure, maintaining it and spending quite a bit of energy and money on it, a third-party company is tasked with providing the software and implementations, the security and the updates and anything else concerning the computing infrastructure, and take quite an irritating headache off their plate. Such a company would be specialized in managing and securing the services it provides.

What company should you choose?

If you are thinking about cloud-based desktop for your business and are seeking a company to provide you with these services, then you are actually looking for a company that provides central cloud operational services, IT services, cloud storage solutions, and also equipment and infrastructure. A company that provides cyber security and information and other cloud-based services.

Such a company should first of all have the necessary experience and needs to be capable of providing you for the precise solutions for your needs. MakeAPP, founded in 2015, maintains an array of servers suitable for all service types. We meticulously provide the necessary resources to our customers in accordance with their requirements.

Basic Plan
$60 / per month + VAT

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Added benefits of our network

Technical support and solution of problems

There is no need to maintain a large IT staff. In small organizations one can do without any IT personnel and in large organizations one can reduce the personnel in the computing department.

Savings in costs and resources

There is no need to establish storage systems, purchase computing equipment, program licenses, or air-conditioned storage rooms. Expanding resources at any time without long down times.

Secured connections

Secured connections via IPsec Tunnel or SSL-VPN

Data Backup

Protecting data from physical loss, including the destruction of the access device and the copying of data to backup centers around the world.

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