Disaster recovery

Servers on data centers can experience many types of disasters. These disasters can be the result of an electrical or technical malfunction, a planned attack on the server, human error, electric outages, fires and more. In fact, the list of possible disasters is nearly infinite.

In order to prepare appropriately for such occurrences, the server storage company must implement a disaster recovery plan. This plan had to be prepared in advance, so that in the event a severe malfunction should occur, leading to server shutdown, the work will return to usual as rapidly as possible, minimally harming service availability.

What can be done in such cases?

The server storage company that operates the disaster recovery plan needs to prepare for such eventualities on several levels. First, the server farm needs to be carefully controlled and secured to begin with, to reduce the chances of disasters such as electrical malfunctions or fires occurring. One way to prevent such a situation is to operate generators to provide electrical backup in case of general electrical

In addition, servers need to be regularly backed up on servers. In the event the server falls or is harmed by hacker attack, the backup enables rapid restoration of the information and the media, and to return the site that was harmed to life rapidly. Hence, it is best for the backups to be performed on a daily basis, particularly in cases when the server is used to store information or a vital site.

Protection from DDOS

One possible disaster which can befall a server is DDOS attacks by hackers. This is an attack in which a very large number of computers are used to gain entry to a given site or server and perform activities that require many resources.

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