Dedicated Servers

Processor: Memory: Disk space: Band width: Monthly traffic: Monthly fee:
2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2670 2.50 GHz 64GB RAM SoftRAID 2x 300GB SAS 1Gb/s fair-use 5TB ₪450 per month + VAT
2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2667 v2 3.3GHz 64GB RAM SoftRAID 2x 1TB SSD 1Gb/s fair-use 10TB ₪600 per month + VAT
2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2680 v2 3.6GHz 128GB RAM SoftRAID 2x 1TB SSD 1GB/s fair-use 10TB ₪830 per month + VAT
2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2630 v3 128GB RAM SoftRAID 2x 960GB SSD 10Gb/s fair-use 10TB ₪1,280 per month + VAT
2x Intel® Xeon® E5-2640 v4 128GB RAM SoftRAID 2x 960GB SSD 10Gb/s fair-use 10TB ₪1,680 per month + VAT

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Renting a dedicated server

A data center is a facility where many servers storin various types of data, including sites, are concentrated. Renting servers enables companies to manage their information and their web services in an organized, monitored manner, in a data center managed by an external company. This makes the need to own and maintain their own servers redundant, and also includes security service, identifying malfunctions in the servers and support.

Dedicated servers are servers exclusively used by the customer. This is in contrast to shared servers, whose resources are used by several customers and users, and each customer only enjoys part of these resources.

How do you select a company to rent a dedicated server?

Renting a dedicated server enables a client to enjoy an exclusive server that is adapted to their needs and is physically housed in a closely supervised server farm. In the server leasing system, the storage company owns the server, and in return to rental fees additional services are also provided – such as technical support, monitoring and malfunction solution, security, backup and more.

השכרת שרת יעודי

The additional services provided for dedicated server users are what makes this lease so attractive. When one selects a server rental company, make certain that it operates a monitored server farm with the most advanced equipment and that it also offers high quality support services and rapid and efficient solutions for server malfunctions. Since in many cases the dedicated server is used to host internet sites, any server shut down will result in the site going offline, and to avoid such situations – the server activity must be monitored throughout the day.

By renting a dedicated server one may enjoy an effective storage that will provide you with the necessary peace of mind, since the server is always under supervision. If you are deliberating whether a dedicated server or joint server should be rented, you had best examine what your specific needs are and be aware that renting a server that will be exclusive to you alone has many advantages.

Added benefits of our network

Flexibility in operations and management

Our dedicated servers enable a wide variety of activities via a simple press of a button: re-routing workloads, activating firewalls, establishing private networks and more.


Rapid DNS definitions and PTR logs via our client management interface, routing addresses in the fastest most efficient manner.

Private network

Enables the server to "communicate" within the data center. A movement sent between drops within the private network will not be calculated in your bandwidth costs.

IPv4 Addresses

Every server has a public IPv4 address. Additional IPv4 addresses can be purchased for your dedicated server (up to 256 ip addresses).


All of MakeAPP's dedicated servers include the most advanced Anti-DDOS technology to provide you with the best possible protection against complex and sophisticated attacks and ensure business continuity.

100GB of storage space

Every dedicated server has 100 GB of storage area that is assigned to backups. This storage area is completely independent of the server and enables you to store your data and configuration files. The storage capacity can be increased as necessary.

Common Questions

Of course, the resources can be upgraded at any time through our customer service or via a support ticket.

In the process of setting up the server we will ask you which management interface you would like to install on the server, in addition you will be able to manage the server using our management interface.

A virtual server is called a VPS - Virtual Private Server and as such, it is a private virtual server. A physical server is located in a data center, where the virtual server is a part of the physical server and that part receives unique definitions of volume, operating system, bandwidth, number of processor cores and memory.

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